Tiki Torches

  • HypherionMC
  • 13 Jul 2020



Tiki Torches are another type of light source added to Minecraft by Hyper Lighting. Like the Advanced Torches and Advanced Lanterns, they can also be extinguished and relighted, and also come in 12 different colors.

They are also lighted and extinguished using the Torch Lighter Tool and also support Colored Light.


Tiki torches differ a bit from the other light sources. [THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO 1.14.4] They can only be placed on Tiki Torch Bases (which are craftable as well), but you can build them as high as you want by placing more Tiki Torch bases on top of each other. The crafting instructions below include the Tiki Torch Base recipe as well.


Tiki Torch Base


To craft a Tiki Torch Base, you will need:

  • 3x Sugar Canes

Place the 3 Sugar canes in the middle row of the crafting table starting from the top (or see image above). This will give you 4 Tiki Torch Bases


Default Tiki Torch


To craft a Default Tiki Torch, you will need:

  • 1x Bucket (Empty)
  • 1x String
  • 1x Tiki Torch Base

Place the ingredients in the middle row starting from the top: String, Bucket, Tiki Torch Base (or see image above)


Colored Tiki Torch


To craft a colored tiki torch, you will need:

  • 1x Dye (See table below)
  • 1x Tiki Torch (Default)

Place the above ingredients in the middle row of your crafting table in the following order from the left: Dye, Tiki Torch (Default) (or see image above)


Dye Dye (1.14.4) Gives
Cyan Blue Blue Tiki Torch
Cactus Green Green Green Tiki Torch
Purple Dye   Purple Tiki Torch
Rose Red Dye Red Red Tiki Torch
Bone Meal White White Tiki Torch
Magenta Dye   Pink Tiki Torch
Dandelion Yellow Dye Yellow Yellow Tiki Torch
Lime Dye   Lime Tiki Torch
Coco Beans   Brown Tiki Torch
Gray Dye   Gray Tiki Torch
Light Gray Dye   Light Gray Tiki Torch
Ink Sac   Black Tiki Torch


Quick Information

  • Minecraft Versions: 1.12.2 1.14.4
  • 1.12.2 Available Since: 1.0
  • 1.14.4 Available Since: 1.0
  • Colors: 14
  • Other:

    Colored Light

    Survival Friendly


    Stackable 64

    Light Value 14